Professionals, trainees & extras

Professionals and trainees

West Finland Film Comission maintains a database of professionals working in Turku region. Database contains information about professionals, equipment, trainees, and local businesses interested in cooperation.

Turku is ever-growing film city and there's a number of professionals working on different fields. Ask for the full professional database from West Finland Film Commission.

The Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences collaborates with the film commission and provides productions with trainees of various know-how.


WFFC also collects and maintains a database of extras and background actors in Turku region. This database can be used by productions filming in Turku. Being extra dosen't require experience, if you are interested in being an extra in films, you can add your own information and pictures to the database in Lyyti.

For more information, please contact: wffc(a)


Study Film in Turku

In Turku you have a chance to study Film and Animation in the University of Applied Sciences, the Arts Academy. Turku's animation program is one of the best in whole Europe.
The film degree gives the students skills and the basic knowledge to work in many different roles and fields in film industry, and also offers an opportunity to focus their studies in editing, cinematography, screenplay, sound design or producing.
The Arts Academy relys heavily on "learning by doing" mentality, and from the year one, the students have a chance to learn the field in different projects. Over the years, the students have been working in live screenings, movie productions, television productions, and workshops.


The Arts Academy frequently invites teachers and professionals from different fields and countries to keep workshop and lectures. In addition to media degree, the Arts Academy also provides degrees in visual- and performing arts, which gives a rare opportunity for the students in different fields to collaborate and also benefit from each other.  Arts Academy does constantly co-operation with other film school around the world, offering the opportunity to do exchange studies abroad.

West Finland Film Company and the Arts Academy are frequently collaborating, and many of the student have done internships in WFFC or in the movie productions.

See the Arts Academy blog, for more information about the Academy.




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