Filming in Turku region - with 25 % cash rebate

Turku is located in Southwestern Finland by the Baltic Sea, only 1 hour 30 minutes’ drive away from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. We hace excellent connections; 15 minutes to the international airport from the city centre and 5 minutes’ drive to the harbor. Turku is known for its many cultural possibilities and its beautiful milieu. There’s also a big university and several other educational possibilities in Turku. Aura River flows through the city of Turku offering great area for coffees, restaurants, and spots for sitting around.

Turku is the former capital of Finland, and it has a rich history. There are lots of mansions, churches, and other historical buildings and areas in Turku. More than 700 years old Turku Cathedral locating in city center is one of the most historically valuable monuments in Finland. Right next to the current city center is the old city center and market place. The exteriors as well as the interiors have kept their approx. 14th century look. In Turku also locates Turku Castle. Like Turku Cathedral, the castle is more than 700 years old and has been a scene for historical events through eras, but also a stage for many films. There’s also a big jail, Kakola, which stopped operating in 2007 and has been in use of many film productions since.

The largest archipelago in the world starts from the Turku harbor. The sizes and shapes of the islands vary, some inhabited, others rural and rugged. The islands are within considerable easy reach from Turku, some by sea and some by land and bridges.